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Really enjoyable game, the only problem (bug) is that sometimes I blink out and can't get back in and have to re-open the game.

Archaea Terata

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Ah, I've always wanted to reenact that dream I had where Tracer was killing a bunch of spiders on a square platform with a pillar in the middle. Sort of buggy, I managed to Blink outside the game area after only two or three minutes, but it didn't matter much because heroes never die.

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Llegue a 1041 :v

I played for one minute and already found a bug :D when I was in the corner I blinked into it by mistake and it threw my behind the walls and I wasnt able to get back.

Very simple game, BUT really really fun and addictive. Awesome sound effects and lovely visuals. A game you could play for hours. Well done to the creator! If you would like to see what this game is about or would like to watch a short lets play. Please feel free to check out my lets play! :)

At 2pm today [sept/8/2016] I had a vidoe go live for this game:

The Game is super fun but I also had the bug with the blink mechanic, but it was still really really fun <3 game was really fun and something I could play for awhile, but I did find a bug with the blink which put me outside of the map! Other than that it felt really good, and was super fun to play!

so slick. so pretty lighting. so snappy. classic shawn